Aldo Making Exciting Comments About McGregor

Ever since his fight with Conor McGregor was announced, Jose Also has been making exciting comments about his opponent. The two are about to fight in 189 UFC headliner come July.

The fight would be hosted at Las Vegas famous MGM Grand Garden.

Things have been quiet on Conor’s front of late given the PED scandal but Aldo’s comments seem to have spice up the ambience to some extent. McGregor has been shooting verbal shots at Aldo & with Aldo bouncing back, a huge hype has been created around the upcoming bout- which is surely beneficial for both the fighters, UFC and definitely the excited fans.  The fight is on July 11.

While asked about his feelings regarding the trash task from Conor, Aldo seemed happily sarcastic.

“I have started to like it actually”, stated a very sarcastic Aldo.

“We need to come up with trash talk to sell our bout as we understand that it’s hugely profitable. It is actually very crucial- for me, McGregor & for UFC as well. “We need to be really provocative to ensure that our bouts sell. It is really important and the financial part is huge for me & for us.”

Amir Khan offered big bucks to fight Kell Brook

British boxer Amir Khan could earn a lot more money to take on Sheffield’s International Boxing Federation or IBF Welterweight champion Kell Brook in a super fight at the fabled Wembley Stadium next year than a Las Vegas blockbuster against the pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This sensational claim has been made by Eddie Hearn, the promoter of Brook.

Hearn was in Las Vegas to witness Khan’s brilliant win against Devon Alexander this month and said that they were waiting for a decision regarding a fight between the Bolton brawler and Floyd Mayweather Jr. and claimed that everyone knows that he has a choice between Mayweather Jr. and Brook for his return to the ring next summer.