The fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin has been revealed to be the third biggest in the history of the sport.

Around 17,300 tickets were sold at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas as the fight pulled the numbers. The fight on September 16 is the third biggest live gate in aside the money-spinning Mayweather-Pacquiao and Mayweather-McGregor fight.

The fight which ended in a heavily criticized drawearned over $27 million in gate fees, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. It is third place but it remains very far from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight that pulled in over $72.2 million and Mayweather-McGregor that brought in $55.4 million.

The fight showed that Alvarez could definitely draw crowd anytime. His last fight against Mayweather back in 2013 brought in $20 million at the gate. Boxing fans and the entire athletic industry wanted to see the fight hence the big figures. For the city, it is another big plus as two fights pulled two highest gate fees in history in three weeks.

Amir Khan Set To Fight Kell Brook

There is something intriguing about legendary fights when one professional claims to have schooled the other.

That definitely adds a different aura to the game. Any game that Amir Khan is involved in cannot be anything but low key and when he claims that he schooled Kell Brook, his opponent in the upcoming fight that makes the event even more unique. Latest news states that Amir has claimed that he schooled Kell Brook before he started to fight as a professional. He trained him in sparring styles.

The training occurred before Kell became a world champion. The training took place before 2004 Olympics that was held in Athens. Amir and Kell trained in sparring styles as part of the Olympic camp for the events in 2004. Khan trained as an IBF welterweight champion in that period as well.


Model Faryal Makhdoom has been quarrelling with the Khan family since early December over claims that her in-laws “physically and mentally” bullied her.

The 24-year-old claimed the Khans derided her for looking “fake” like “Michael Jackson” during a all-revealing interview granted This morning earlier this week.

But Amir’s father, Sajjad Khan, 54, replied her yesterday, tagging the Pakistani-America a “very evil woman” and “crazy” for condemning the family off on the TV.

A source close to the family has supported the Khans opinion, claiming Faryal’s nude selfies triggered the war of words. Faryal posted a racy photo on her Instagram page in April that is believed to have pushed the family to breaking point. In the picture, the model, who seeks out fans opinions on her new silvery-grey hair colour, appears to be without a top.

It is claimed the picture prompted the Khan family to condemn Faryal for her choice of “un-Islamic” and “Americanised” clothing. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the source reiterated the claim. He said: “It has caused a big fight in the family. Faryal was accused of posting ‘nude’ photos on social media.”

Aldo Making Exciting Comments About McGregor

Ever since his fight with Conor McGregor was announced, Jose Also has been making exciting comments about his opponent. The two are about to fight in 189 UFC headliner come July.

The fight would be hosted at Las Vegas famous MGM Grand Garden.

Things have been quiet on Conor’s front of late given the PED scandal but Aldo’s comments seem to have spice up the ambience to some extent. McGregor has been shooting verbal shots at Aldo & with Aldo bouncing back, a huge hype has been created around the upcoming bout- which is surely beneficial for both the fighters, UFC and definitely the excited fans.  The fight is on July 11.

While asked about his feelings regarding the trash task from Conor, Aldo seemed happily sarcastic.

“I have started to like it actually”, stated a very sarcastic Aldo.

“We need to come up with trash talk to sell our bout as we understand that it’s hugely profitable. It is actually very crucial- for me, McGregor & for UFC as well. “We need to be really provocative to ensure that our bouts sell. It is really important and the financial part is huge for me & for us.”